Diet supplementation formulated with Bacillus sp. SMIA-2 and its enzymes for Nile tilapia: zootechnical performance and effects on intestinal morphometry

Pierro, Priscilla Cortizo Costa ; Mendonça, Pedro Pierro ; Santos, Paola de Oliveira ; Pardo, Thayna de Souza ; Assis, Thaianara Galdino do Nascimento ; Silva, Samuel Oliveira da ; Ribeiro, David Carvalho dos Santos ; Martins, Meire Lelis Leal (2024)


The use of probiotics and exogenous enzymes in fish feed is a promising alternative to improve animal performance. This study evaluated the feasibility of applying Bacillus sp. SMIA-2 and its enzymes as supplements in the diet for juvenile tilapia. The effect of adding different concentrations of Bacillus sp. SMIA-2 and its enzymes in food on zootechnical development, intestinal morphometry of animals was analyzed. The bacteria could be recovered from the intestines of animals, demonstrating its ability to survive gastric and bile acids. The comparative study of SMIA-2 with commercial products showed a significant effect on individual food intake, final weight and weight gain in all treatments. Gut length, villus height and intestinal coefficient were an advantage of SMIA-2 compared to commercial products and the control group. Therefore, the inclusion of Bacillus sp. SMIA-2 and its enzymes in fish feed may represent a viable alternative to improve animal development and significantly increase intestinal villi, contributing to nutrient absorption and animal health.