Peer Instruction: instrução por pares como metodologia para o ensino de ética profissional para o curso técnico em finanças

Dias, Márcia Menon de Almeida (2023)


RESUMO: Para atender uma demanda educacional na qual a realidade dos alunos é dinâmica e interativa, foi proposto um design educativo através da Peer Instruction - Instrução por Pares, para contribuir com o ensino de Ética Profissional para o curso Técnico em Finanças.

ABSTRACT: The traditional model of education, with rowed desks and the use of the blackboard with lectures, moves away from the 21st-century student, who is inserted in a context of fast information, globalization, and interaction with people. Adolescents do not want to feel excluded; on the contrary, they want to feel welcomed by actively participating in the processes they are part of. With the student, it is no different; he wants to be heard and participate in the education process. In this study, a proposal for a pedagogical intervention is presented, in which the active Peer Instruction methodology is used - peer instruction as a pedagogical practice, for teaching Professional Ethics to students on the Finance Technician course required at high school. This format allows the student to approach his reality because, in this methodology, he actively participates in the learning process, interacts with his colleagues, and develops communication and cooperation skills among students. This study is based on the article by José Moran (2015) and (2017), Eric Mazur (2015), Lilian Bacich, and José Moran (2018), and complementary texts that corroborate this perspective.