Didactic environments for teaching and developing abilities in geological 3D visualization

Andrade, Wagner da Silva ; Carneiro, Celso Dal Ré ; Basilici, Giorgio (2018)

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ABSTRACT: Any geologist or student of Geology should be able to identify the geometric arrangement of units (the geological structures) within a solid mass of rock. The process involves visualization, orientation and establishment of relationships. This article focus on the construction of spatial reasoning in the teaching-learning process. It explores the theme from recent developments, seeking to identify al-ternatives, examples and new ideas to improve teaching-learning of Geology. Visualization covers a set of abilities related to the construc-tion of spatial reasoning. 3D visualization assumes a critical role in the Geosciences, since representations are frequent in this field of Sci-ence. Visualization of structures also requires building arguments about temporal relationships; these elements allow to interpret the geo-logical history of a given region. Human knowledge is essentially interdisciplinary; since Geology is an interpretive and historical science, the development of qualities of 3D vision in students helps solving different types of problems, which are not exclusive to Geosciences. Visualization abilities help constructing a broader view of the world in which we live.