Ciência Diversa: Um jogo inclusivo para o aprendizado de Ciências Naturais por pessoas com Deficiência Visual

Faroni; Locatelli, Athos Gonçalves; Jamille (2023)


Learning the contents of Natural Sciences for Elementary Education can be a challenge for people with visual impairments (DV), and as a teaching strategy, we propose the application and use of a game (Diverse Science), built in the disciplines Games in Teaching Sciences and Special Education in Science Teaching, from the Lato Sensu Postgraduate Specialization in Natural Sciences Teaching course, from IFES campus Colatina, containing necessary tactile adaptations for the public. In order to verify the gameplay of the instrument among the DV public, the work was based on the qualitative analysis of the data, in a case study, where four visits were made in loco, in the Association of and for the Visually Impaired Person of Colatina (ACDV) in order to collect data. After applying the board game, it was observed that the volunteers had a good understanding of the theme of the game, knew how to handle and locate the physical components, with tactile adaptation, during the game and that such adaptations contributed to the good development of the game's gameplay. DV audience, although the playing time was extrapolated. Based on the facts presented by the volunteers of this research, through a questionnaire, the board game can serve as an inclusive teaching tool.