Annoyance caused by air pollution : a comparative study of two industrialized regions

Melo, Milena Machado de ; Santos, Jane Meri ; Frere, Severine ; Reisen, Valderio Anselmo ; Reis Junior, Neyval Costa ; Leite, Maria de Fátima Silva (2015)

Artigo de periódico

ABSTRACT: Although there had been a many studies that shows the impact of air pollution on physical health, comparatively less was known of human behavioral responses and annoyance impacts. Annoyance caused by air pollution is a public health problem because it can be an ambient stressor causing stress and disease and can affect quality of life. The objective of this work is to evaluate the annoyance caused by air pollution in two different industrialized urban areas, Dunkirk (France) and Vitoria (Brazil). The populations of these cities often report feeling annoyed by dust. Surveys were conducted, and the collected data were analyzed using statistical analyses. The results show that sociodemographic variables, importance of air quality, perceived industrial risk, perceived air pollution and occurrence of health problems play important roles in the perceived annoyance. These results show the existence of a common problem in geographically distant areas and allow stakeholders to develop prevention strategies.