Aplicação da técnica do retrofit atrelado ao conforto acústico em uma escola municipal do Colatina/ES

Lievore, Caroline Gatti (2019)


Abstract: In the present work is the study area of the Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Maria da Luz Gotti‖, which is located in the neighborhood of São Francisco in the city of Colatina/ES. The study was focused on the acoustic comfort, based on the measurement of parameters of acoustic insulation, made from simultaneous measurements with the decibilímetro in both indoor and outdoor environments, and has resulted in an environment that is devoid of any insulation, because they have not reached or the minimum mark required by the ISO 140-4. The reverberation time is the other index is found using the formula from the Field, making an inventory of the materials in the lobby and on the building site, making the simulation with the window open and closed, empty, 50% full, and at its maximum at 500HZ, indicating that the environments examined do not conform to the optimal time of reverberation, causing the atmosphere to be uncomfortable, in the context of acoustic. The last parameter analyzed was the level of sound pressure, or noise, in the background, making the measurement with the decibilímetro environments empty and full, and in connection with the data there obtained from the NBR 10.152 (1987), as well as an analysis of the noise present, showing just how much the background noise affects the acoustic comfort of your premises, getting in the way of learning, and the focus of the students and the teacher to increase the intensity of his voice, damaging his vocal health. In addition to this, it has been made a test of speech intelligibility by applying a figure of speech is made up of eight letters, eight words, that it is framed to the conditions of the great and good of the settlement the rank of Fernandes (2006). Based on the results improvements qere proposed aiming at the área of the retrofit faster, by applying some new materials in the interior and causing a re-examination of the reveberation time, showing that small changes can change the enviroment and how the user will sit inside of it